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Blended Learning & the Learner: What's edtech got to do with it?

What do we really want students to be able to do with technology? Sometimes blended learning or the integration of specific tools is held up as the goal when really they are the means to achieving a higher purpose: high-quality, optimal learning experiences for each and every student.

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Embedded Assessment & Blended Learning: Deep Roots and Deep Learning

Embedded assessment undergirds each of the five levels of blended learning (as illustrated below). "Embedded" means that the assessment is part of the learning experience, not a separate activity. In this age of accountability, there is an imminent danger of over-assessment, spending so much time on testing that we're compromising time for learning. Embedded assessment gauges student understanding while they are engaged in instruction, providing an ongoing barometer to answer the question: Are students truly learning?

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What is Research-based and Who Decides?

In a climate of increased accountability, schools and districts are pushed to demonstrate that they are employing research-based strategies to improve instruction. But what makes a teaching strategy, technique, or practice “research-based”?

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Five Ways to Immediately Enhance your School's PD

In previous articles, I discussed the need for a different type of professional development for educators. This entry describes more specific, actionable ideas for immediately enhancing your school learning community’s professional development experiences.

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