On Practicing the Practice

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PD that Thrives Part II: Lead Face to Face. Leave Digital Footprints

When delivering face-to-face professional development, what happens after the inservice day is over or after the guest presenter leaves? Right now school and district leaders are planning professional development that will take place in the upcoming weeks as part of our back-to-school routine, but what will be the impact by October? January? How much of the PD we plan today will result in changes in teaching practice tomorrow?

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On Mirages and Movements: Confessions of a Professional Development Leader

The recent TNTP report, The Mirage, revealed a secret that I’ve long avoided admitting out loud – that most teacher professional development (PD) efforts do not appear to have a measurable benefit to teacher or student learning.

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Lessoncast Wins Teacher Endorsement on Edsurge/Gates Foundation Shark Tank

500+ teachers watched and voted online. Four teacher "sharks" circled the tank with tough questions about impact, implementation, innovation, and results. And...

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Misconceptions of Scaling Ed Innovation

Great things are happening in education, but too frequently success occurs in pockets. There is a path to scaling effective innovations, but beware of falling for misconceptions that lead us down side roads of disappointment and blame. Scaling innovation is a process that recognizes teachers as thoughtful learners and learners as insightful teachers.

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