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Applying Lean Methodology to K12 Part IV: What we Learned

Recapping Part I – Developing an MVP: We identified our problem, crafted a hypothesis, and used lessoncasts as the communication vehicle to define the minimum viable practice. Part II – What to Build: We developed a two-week cycle to facilitate collaborative planning, reflection, iteration, and refinement. Part III - How to Measure Impact: We developed lookfors to observe during classroom instruction and created shared assessments to measure student learning over time. 

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Applying Lean Methodology to K12 Part V: What I'd Do Differently

This is my final segment for this particular series on applying lean startup principles to the process for improving learning in the K12 environment. My previous entries recount the journey of developing an MVP for education, determining what to build, measuring for impact, and learning how to move forward. I’ll conclude this series by sharing what I’d do differently knowing what I know now.

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Bottling the Secret Sauce: Master Teachers Sharing Lessons Learned

Rider University works with partner school districts to develop Master STEM teachers who share lessons learned as they explore the Next Generation Science Standards and plan effective instruction. After engaging in STEM instruction coursework, the master teachers create lessoncasts to document how they are applying the standards in the classroom. Each lessoncast is reviewed and vetted for accuracy and coherence by course instructors. High quality lessoncasts become part of a shared gallery - searchable by content area, grade level, and student learning standards.

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Working to Transform Educator Preparation? We're Here to Help

Today the CCSSO released the Transforming Educator Preparation Playbook, which provides lessons learned from states working on comprehensive approaches to ensure that all educators are learner-ready when they enter the classroom. 

Lessoncast has been honored to participate as a National Collaborator and encouraged by NTEP's focus on impact and scale. As states grapple with diverse stakeholders and myriad challenges, Lessoncast has been at the forefront of answering the question,

“How can technology help?”


Here’s one example of how we partner with Bowie State University to help educator preparation programs work smarter, not harder, in bringing together higher ed faculty and mentor teachers to prepare learner-ready teachers.

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