On Practicing the Practice

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Preparing Teachers: Our Purpose, Practice, and Platform

This case example is a brief look into Lessoncast’s collaboration with Bowie State University's College of Education. Context is provided through a candid interview with Dr. Lynne Long. As Director of Field Experiences at Bowie State University’s College of Education (COE), Dr. Long describes the challenges that led to their Department of Teacher Learning and Professional Development’s (TLPD’s) introduction to Lessoncast, a video-based teacher development technology that helps educator preparation programs strengthen clinical learning experiences and P12 partnerships.

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A Principal for Failing Fast

In attempts to erase achievement gaps, transform instruction and invigorate learning communities, we school leaders craft improvement plans with targeted initiatives and specific objectives. But many are familiar with the military adage, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” (Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke) While we are not at war, schools face numerous challenges like limited time, money, and capacity; poverty-related issues; and – perhaps worst of all – satisfaction with the status quo. School improvement plans involve real students, real teachers, and real administrators.

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Applying Lean Methodology to K12 Part I: The MVP - Minimum Viable Practice

A week ago, the LessonCast team attended an edtech event hosted by New Schools Venture Fund and Imagine K12. Eric Ries shared his lean startup methodologies and how they relate to education startups. Among the gathering of education companies, new and veteran, Eric Ries spoke interview-style with Jennifer Carolan to share his lean startup methodologies and discuss how they relate to education startups. The prevailing theme seemed to be that every sector (including education) thinks that it’s special, and every sector (including education) isn’t. Lean startup principles work the same for edtech startups as they do for other companies.

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Applying Lean Methodology to K12 Part II: What to Build

Recapping Part I of our journey to apply lean methodology in a K-12 setting…
We started by defining the problem to be solved: increasing reading comprehension despite a limited amount of instructional time devoted to literacy instruction. Then we crafted a hypothesis: if we identify key reading strategies and apply them across content areas, then we’ll increase the amount of time spent in authentic reading-to-learn experiences and improve the students’ ability to comprehend a range of texts. And we developed a minimum viable practice (MVP): getting clear on the essential elements for effectively implementing the identified teaching practice.

With this hypothesis and MVP, we determined what to build to put our plan into action and test our theory.

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