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Nicole Tucker-Smith

Today the CCSSO released the Transforming Educator Preparation Playbook, which provides lessons learned from states working on comprehensive approaches to ensure that all educators are learner-ready when they enter the classroom. 

Lessoncast has been honored to participate as a National Collaborator and encouraged by NTEP's focus on impact and scale. As states grapple with diverse stakeholders and myriad challenges, Lessoncast has been at the forefront of answering the question,

“How can technology help?”


Here’s one example of how we partner with Bowie State University to help educator preparation programs work smarter, not harder, in bringing together higher ed faculty and mentor teachers to prepare learner-ready teachers.

Working Together (Smater not Harder)

Working Together EPP with Lessoncast.png


At Bowie State University's College of Education, teaching candidates use the Lessoncast Binder app to demonstrate their level of mastery as they progress through their coursework and clinical learning experiences. The teaching candidates create lessoncast artifacts that document how they:

  • Aligned their lessons to college and career ready standards.
  • Planned instruction with diverse learners in mind.
  • Implemented domain-specific practices.
  • Analyzed their teaching.
  • Assessed student learning.
  • Reflected on the impact of the lesson.

These multimedia artifacts include video clips of classroom instruction along with the teaching candidate’s audio narration and written transcript describing their teacher metacognition – the “behind the scenes” thinking required for effective instruction. Candidates also attach lesson materials and student work samples.


Bowie State sample lessoncast artifact.png


The digital format of the lessoncast artifact assists university supervisors and mentor teachers as they support the teaching candidate and offer guidance and feedback. Faculty have a new window into the candidate’s classroom practice and mentor teachers gain new insight into the evaluation rubrics the preparation program uses to measure learner readiness.

“Lessoncast has forced faculty to collaborate and look at signature assessments to meet the rigor of what pre-service teachers need to know and deliver and to find the holes in our coursework.

Candidates can now articulate better the theory and why they chose the instructional strategies in their lesson plans. They engage their supervisors and mentors more in their planning, paying close attention to the different populations of students they may have.”

~ Dr. Lynne Long, Director of Field Experiences, Bowie State University

Ultimately at Lessoncast, we’re excited because this NTEP Edprep Playbook is just the beginning. As we continue to work with states, educator preparation programs, and P12 school districts, we remain keenly focused on the playbook’s step for success: “Keep students’ needs front and center. Tie your work to students. Ask yourselves, “What do teachers need to do to advance learning from Day 1 in the classroom?” (Transforming Educator Preparation, p. 6)

We don't claim to have all the answers, but we're committed to being part of solutions where thoughtful people are gathering to discuss education transformation that truly serves students’ needs and supports teachers’ practice. 


If you're interested in learning more about how Lessoncast may assist your educator preparation efforts, feel free to Contact us and let's chat.

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Nicole Tucker-Smith