10 Concrete Steps to Planning PD that Thrives

Nicole Tucker-Smith

It’s that time of the year again! As we get ready for the start of the school year, professional development leaders everywhere - whether leading PD for a school, district, region, or state - are making yearlong professional development plans in hopes that by improving adult learning we can impact student learning. If you or someone you know has been tasked with that challenge, here are 10 concrete steps to planning PD that thrives throughout the year. Each step featured includes downloadable resources to help make your job of helping teachers a little bit easier.

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Step #1: Use Interactive Professional Development Strategies517.jpg

Step #2:  Lead Face to Face. Leave Digital Footprints

Step #3:  Show What Target Changes in Instructional Practice Look Like

Step #4:  Capture What Target Changes in Instructional Practice Look Like in Your Teachers’ Classrooms

Step #5:  Share Teacher-to-Teacher Examples of Best Practice

Step #6:  Build a Gallery Showcasing Your Teachers’ Expertise

Step #7:  Personalize PD with Differentiated, On-demand Digital Resources

Step #8:  Fuel Common Planning Time to Sustain Changes in Instructional Practice

Step #9:  Collaboratively Develop Lookfors to Exchange Effective Feedback

Step #10: Use Real Results to Plan for Next Year

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Nicole Tucker-Smith