On Practicing the Practice

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There's No Playbook for This!

Overnight, schools all over the country were thrown into an emergency distance learning situation. We’re all looking for help on how to navigate these unexpected circumstances. Teachers, principals, and parents are all looking for support and recommendations. And, honestly, as someone who fits all three categories, I find the emails with the subject “101 Distance Learning Tools” to be unhelpful.

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I wrote the missing how-to-make-PD-better book!

What I've seen is that there are very few opportunities for people who lead professional learning for educators to get practical guidance and concrete resources to support designing effective professional development that improves classroom practice. There are a few classes, some academic research, but hardly anything with hands-on strategies or time-tested tips.

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A Letter to my First Year Self

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and Edutopia’s “If I Knew Then” challenge, I’m sharing this letter to myself on my first day of teaching.

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A Decree for Culturally Proficient Leaders, Teachers, and Citizenry

 Dear Mr. President:

It has now become evident that our country’s challenges around race, racism, and racial bias have become a national security issue.

A foreign entity was able to use our communication tools to prey on our prejudices and deepen our divisions. The US Department of Justice reports how Russia’s social media campaign included posts like: “Watch 150 black teens attacking white students & police at Temple University in Philly,” in order to influence Pennsylvania’s vote.

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